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Spring 2019 brought her collaboration with the Berlin-based Orchestra "String Theory". She received a Grammy nomination for her collaboration on the Sekou Andrews Spoken Words album.


She co-wrote the String Theory single " Hollywood Calling " and is the featured artist on the song. Recorded and filmed live, it is the first single and video from the 45 piece ensemble’s  new album

"The Los angeles suite’’  


Addie continues to work with multiple publishing houses for film and television placement and released her singles "Tangerine" and "Valentine" 2021. 

Working with publishing companies by the age sixteen, her first record found placement on network television with a featured vocal. This song soon became Emmy nominated for Daytime Television in the best original song category.

At nineteen, her move to Los Angeles coincided with her signing with Round Hill Music. 


To date her music has been shared with the public through popular film, television, and commercial placement such as-

The CW's  Riverdale and Katie Keene, Showtime's Shameless, ABC Network's The Catch, Disney's Magic Camp, Paramount Network's American Woman, MTV, HBO Max, and Swarovski. 

She just might be coming to a theater near you...

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